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So renowned are the spectacular variety of beaches in Cornwall that the countryside barely gets a mention. But rural Cornwall is abundant with stunning, rolling green pastures and mazes of ancient hedgerows. With the soothing sounds of running streams and bird song in the background, the hustle and bustle of everyday life will be forgotten from the moment your holiday begins. 

Imagine yourself on a beautiful hazy summer's evening sat on a patio, glass of wine in hand, taking in the crisp, clean country air. Or as winter approaches and the nights draw in you can watch the autumn leaves form a mottled mosaic from the comfort of your sofa, sat by a log fire listening to the wood crackling in the hearth. 

Stroll over the romantic ancient moorland stooped in legend with its never ending sky's and you will be taken to a bygone era. Wander through our picturesque and accessible countryside into pretty, ancient, wooded valleys and blossoming meadows, follow the footpaths and see where they take you. 

As you drive through our winding, narrow lanes steep on either side with Cornish hedges, exploring the ever changing countryside you will be awarded with magnificent, breathtaking views. Your journey may be delayed by the odd tractor or roaming cow but there's no rush and this will give you the chance to have a closer look through gateways to see what's hidden behind them.

Keep your eyes open as well for the many varieties of wildlife that grace this beautiful region, from the tiniest dormice to the beautiful buzzard hawks circling overhead. Cornwall will be a constant surprise and contradiction, from barren, dramatic landscapes to lush subtropical vegetation and palm trees. 

What will you think makes this county so special and memorable? You're sure to discover a Cornish country cottage that is perfect for your needs in the collection of many below.

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