Safety features can be pretty

Having recently attended a seminar on ‘Health and safety considerations in self-catering accommodation’; as you can well imagine there is a lot of ground to cover. Here is one to consider:-

Fully glazed patio doors and French windows are a beautiful addition to any property and in some locations can benefit from fantastic views; however, there is also a safety aspect to consider.

Floor to ceiling glass may not be clearly noticeable to visitors who are not used to the property. A simple solution to this is self-adhesive safety stickers that are designed to highlight a glazed area which are easy to apply and can be removed at a later stage with no damage to the glass.

If you do decide to go down this route; when placing the stickers on the glass don’t just cater for adults but also consider the younger generation and add some extra ones at a lower height too.

There is a plenitude of self-adhesive stickers, stencils, transfers and static cling vinyl designs out there so why not have some fun and add a little colour and humour to your property.

Property Manager
Alison Sargent