Removes stubborn marks and stains…just like magic!

Doktor Power Magic Eraser

And it really does do what it says on the packet.

The magic eraser, as it is known to most, has become the new essential item for every household and in particular holiday homes.

I was a little sceptical when the owners of Lower Garrick first told me of this product, but having seen it work I am now a believer.

You simply add water to the sponge, no need for detergents and it is ideal for use on taps, tiles, baths, sinks, walls and so much more. We used it on an area of wall that had scuff marks from moving furniture and with just a little bit of effort, the marks were gone and no need to paint over.

It is also a great tool for anyone who may be allergic to chemical cleaning products.

There are many brands and stockists of this product including Tesco and Wilko; this is a photo of the one I genuinely saw in action.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager