Prevent unexpected Sky bills

If you already are a generous holiday cottage owner providing your visitors with a Sky Television package or are considering it for your holiday property in the future, just give some thought as to who may have access to your Sky TV account.

Installed at the property, you will obviously have a sky box together with a corresponding membership card that contains information about your TV bundle; more often than not, your account pin number is the last digits on your card.

It has recently been brought to our attention that an owner received an invoice relating to their holiday property’s Sky TV account. A newly released film was digitally downloaded together with a DVD copy pre-ordered by guests during their stay at her property in the previous month. This was of course not included in the owner’s sky package that she provides her guests and therefore incurred an unnecessary additional cost.

I am sure that this is a very rare occurrence and by no means the norm, but we would advise all owners providing an extra facility such as this to ensure that there is a block on their account, only permitting the nominated account holder to make any changes, downloads or pre-orders etc.

As soon as the misunderstanding was brought to the guest’s attention, they sincerely apologised to the owner and reimbursed her in full, not realising that some services incurred an extra charge.

So in this instance, all’s well that ends well, but it does highlight the fact to make it clear in the information that you provide to your guests what is and what isn’t included in your package.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager