Energy efficiency in properties

RSE Electrical Services recommend installing this inexpensive device to help combat rising heating bills… 

Heating is a large cost for any home owner and we all want our customers to feel warm and comfortable in their holiday home, however, it can at times be difficult to control how much the heating is on. We get our heat from the building fabric and people in the room with us so why heat the air temperature to more than is actually required. 

If you have oil, LPG or Gas central heating there is a devise on the market that can make savings of 16% off your energy bill, this devise is called Chop-Cloc and this device adjusts your boiler to give you a more economical heating system and is adjustable for differing times of year.

This device costs £69.99 and can be fitted in less than an hour by an electrician, alternatively a remote control thermostat that can be fitted to allow you to control the heating from anywhere using good Wi-Fi or mobile signal from a smartphone or tablet. For more information please visit