Buzz off – fly zapper fire risk

No matter how many preventative measures you take, flies do occur particularly outdoors in gardens and fields during the spring and summer periods. Adult flies live out of doors in the summer but seek refuge inside in the autumn to hibernate.

Flies are of course extremely difficult to control, and it is common for the problem to arise year after year, sometimes twice a year. Using fly sprays, swats, sticky papers, and other such methods can be relatively effective at reducing the visible population.

Flies often gain access to lofts via air bricks and gaps in the structure, so placing fly papers in lofts can prove successful, as well as vacuuming any visible cracks or crevices to remove flies and debris.

We must however pass on a warning regarding electric fly killers or UV insectocutors. They use an ultraviolet light to attract flies and then electrocute them, but beware as they can be a potential fire hazard, as has recently been the case in a farmhouse kitchen in Cornwall (thankfully no casualties).

If you have a real problem, the best advice would be to contact a qualified pest control contractor.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager