As if by magic – Mould vanishes in front of your eyes

Due to our Cornish maritime climate and despite careful maintenance, mould can sometimes form on the curtain lining material as a result of condensation in the property.

Mould and mildew will develop unchecked if the spores are not removed; a bleach solution is effective on window surrounds, but it is more difficult to remove from fabric.

I’m sure that we have all tried some of the old-fashioned remedies such as baking soda, vinegar or salt to remove the mould stains and prevent more appearing, but alas to no avail.

But fear not, fellow owners, because help is at hand in the form of ‘Curtain Magic Mould Remover’ – the owner of Long Cove is one of many to try it and says “the Curtain Magic mould remover works brilliantly, can highly recommend it!”

The product can be applied to curtains, blinds, nets, thermal drapes or fabric linings to remove mould and mildew, but most importantly, without having to take them down.

It is not available on the high street but can be purchased on Amazon or direct from their website and as they say “Let Curtain Magic fix your curtain tragic!”