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September Special Offers

Schools in!

A break in the school routine for the summer. Six weeks without repeating 'have you cleaned your teeth', 'I'm leaving in 2 minutes' or 'your sister is my favourite' (always an amusing reaction). But 4 weeks in and the house requires fumigation, the gogglebox mysteriously goes blank, half the neighbourhood have had sleep overs (and emptied the larder) and the knee stitches are due out. By the start of September parents are craving the routine of school once again.

With the recent government crackdown on parents taking children out of school during term, those of us who are lucky enough to take advantage of the lower priced holidays can look forward to an even greater calm after the school holiday storm. Take advantage of the cheaper prices and a more peaceful Cornwall with a September break. These properties are offering great deals for September availability.

With some properties offering up to 30% off you can grab a bargain during September. Check out these September special offers below for a super deal or for all available property during September click here.

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