Short Break Holidays

There are few better places to take a short break than in Cornwall. They can frequently be arranged, mainly out of season though, for periods to suit guest's particular requirements, but there is always a minimum rental, for practical reasons.

Cornwall in the early Spring is usually blessed with fine warm weather. It is this climate which brings out the wild flowers and spectacular gardens which make this time of year such an ideal one for a holiday. During July and August and other busy times of the year short break holidays are normally only available at short notice, but please enquire and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If short breaks are available, the cost of a short break is calculated as follows:
3 nights: 70% of weekly rental price
4 nights: 80% of weekly rental price
5 nights: 90% of weekly rental price
6 nights: 100% of weekly rental price

Take a short break holiday in Cornwall

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