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When we started this business all our cottages were "traditional". Although we retain a large number we also have modern houses, bungalows and a few apartments. Each property is intended and equipped to accommodate comfortably the number of persons indicated (and in many cases a child in a cot) for holiday use. Where two numbers such as 4-6 occur a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children can be accommodated. It is generally not suitable for 6 adults. For the purposes of our accommodation a child is taken as being aged 15 or under at the time of the holiday.

We do restrict total occupancy to the maximum number shown and reserve the right, on behalf of the owners, to cancel a booking immediately, without recompense, if more people are introduced than shown. Occasionally, principally due to such items as sofa beds, the total number of beds exceeds the maximum number of guests shown. These "extra" beds are intended merely to offer some flexibility within the maximum figure. Generally speaking we do not consider bunk beds as being suitable for adult use.

All the accommodation is furnished for family usage and Cornish Traditional Cottages reserves the right on behalf of Property Owners not to accept Bookings from groups of single people or from all male or female parties exceeding 3 people. Several of our properties are located on working farms. As a general rule, the owners are happy for all or part of their land to be used sensibly according to the "Countryside Code", but guests must check with owners and dogs must be kept under control at all times.


All the properties are inspected by our property department before joining our portfolio and are then subject to continuous monitoring via our questionnaires and occasional re-inspections. However, even with this careful monitoring there will always be variations in quality.

The Smiles System

Our rating method, the popular "smiles" system is generated entirely by the feedback we receive from our visitors. The number of smiles is calculated by taking the average grading given to the question:

'How would you rate the furnishings and equipment of the property?'

A property will achieve a rating of 5 Smiles down to 1 Smile, although it is our policy not to carry any properties with ratings lower than 3 Smiles. The customer choses from the following ratings:
smile icon smile icon smile icon smile icon smile icon
smile icon smile icon smile icon smile icon
smile icon smile icon smile icon
smile icon smile icon
Below standard
smile icon
There are a number of first time properties and these are graded "New".

Holiday Start Dates and Times

Holidays at the majority of cottages start on Saturday, some on Friday and a very small number on other days. Unless stated otherwise in the description or agreed beforehand with an individual housekeeper or owner properties are available from 4.30pm on the start date to 10.30am on the finish date.

Housekeeper Services

The owner, housekeeper or keyholder generally lives nearby and their name and address are forwarded with our final invoice. They hold the key of the property. As they are probably the guests' first and primary contact in the County during their holiday, the keyholders are usually very happy to go out of their way to make the guests' stay in Cornwall a pleasant one.

Most are delighted, if asked, to advise where to swim, surf, fish etc. and also where to shop, dine out and the like. In common with most people in the County, they are generally very welcoming indeed and extremely hospitable. They are eager to help guests and will be pleased to put right immediately any shortages or other things guests may bring to their attention. If something goes wrong particularly with the gas, electricity or plumbing, during your stay please report it immediately so that it can be put right before it becomes a more major problem.

Properties are contracted to be thoroughly cleaned throughout before the arrival of each group of guests although guests are expected to clean and tidy the property before departure.

Cornish Cottages

Guests are reminded that due to our maritime climate, Cornish properties, despite careful maintenance, can suffer from dampness, but this can largely be overcome by ventilation and heating. Guests coming out of season are advised to discuss their choice with one of our helpful staff.

Mobile and Broadband

Mobile phone and 3G connection can vary considerably throughout Cornwall. If you are concerned about mobile coverage or 3G connection please ensure you check with your provider before booking your cottage. Mobile phone or 3G coverage cannot be guaranteed. Where a property is advertised as having internet access or broadband, provision is for normal usage. Video and music streaming or downloading and the equivalent are not considered normal usage. Speed cannot be guaranteed.

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