When I’m cleaning windows…

Shower Shield

Not wishing to emulate George Formby, cleaning windows can be a chore and I have recently heard of a great way to ‘lighten the load’.

HG specialises in a range of high quality cleaning and protection products, offering a solution for every cleaning problem in and around the home. 

HG shower shield prevents the build-up of lime scale and other dirt such as soap residues and bath oil, therefore making cleaning much easier.

However, it is suitable for just about anywhere and can thus be used on wall tiles and synthetic, aluminium, ceramic, chrome, glass and perspex surfaces.

I recently visited a waterside property in Fowey who has used this product on their windows and the results speak for themselves.

By applying HG shower shield to the exterior windows of their holiday cottage, the difference in just a month is quite remarkable.

If shopping online it is available on Amazon or eBay, alternatively Homebase are a stockist.