What to recommend for guests staying your Cornwall holiday cottage


As well as providing the perfect Cornwall holiday home with everything your guests could possibly wish for, you also want them to have a break to remember.

One of the ways of doing this is telling them about things to do, places to go and things to occupy the family while they’re staying at your holiday property. In this article, we look at what to recommend for guests staying in your Cornwall holiday cottage, and when and how to provide it.

Why provide recommendations for guests

Your guests can, of course, find this information on the internet – Google will come up with a ton of suggestions and in seconds. But, as we all know, there’s nothing quite like local information and from someone who has first-hand knowledge. If you give them the lowdown you save them valuable time and come up with things that (even) Google hasn’t thought of. And information from you has the advantage of being personalised to suit your guests.

Top tip – tailor your recommendations to your niche guest market. Find out more here.

Which recommendations to include

Cornwall comes jam-packed with things to do and even the most remote Cornish holiday let will have plenty of activities nearby. Make a list of ideas and divide them into the categories below.

Surfing Suggestions

Surfing Suggestions

Top tip – if you’re short on ideas, imagine you’re going on holiday to a destination and think about the tourist information you would like to receive.

Local attractions

List things to do within the radius of a short car drive (say 30 minutes max.). Include monuments, museums, natural landmarks, the best beaches and attractions. Don’t forget to add lesser-known things to do as well as the more famous. Add a map of your local area to your welcome book and circle the attractions on your list.

Eden Project - Matt Jessop

Eden Project – Matt Jessop

Top tip – don’t forget seasonal festivities in your part of Cornwall. Include a calendar of local events in your welcome book.

Family-friendly activities

If your holiday let attracts families, list the best things to do in your part of Cornwall for children. As well as opening times and prices, include information on how to get there and how long it takes. Add family-friendly tips too such as whether the restaurant is worth visiting or if a picnic is a more nutritious/cheaper option.

Bike ride with the family

Bike ride with the family

Top tip – don’t forget to include some ideas for wet weather – there’s nothing worse than a rainy day and a houseful of children who need entertaining for the day!

Unusual activities

Everyone likes to try something different so include a range of activities that are slightly unusual. They might include:

· Sporting activities (include some extreme as well as the less hair-raising!).

· Discovering the essence of Cornwall on a guided walk or by vintage car.

· Foodie experiences such as learning to make Cornish pasties or visiting a tea plantation or a vineyard.

Top tip – tie up with local activities and negotiate discounted rates or special deals for your guests. Here are some tips on how to do it. Link to article 4E (not yet published).

Personal recommendations

Other people’s opinions count especially when it comes to restaurants and who doesn’t take a look at TripAdvisor or Google to see what others diners thought? And your opinion as the holiday home owner is particularly valuable to your guests so tell them about the places you love to eat at near your Cornish holiday let and why you love them. In your list of personal restaurant favourites, make sure you include a variety of price ranges and different types of food (don’t forget local specialities!) plus a few family friendly venues.

Recommend your favourite restaurants

Recommend your favourite restaurants

Top tip – leave space in your welcome book for your guests to add their own recommendations and discoveries for future guests.

Insider knowledge

In today’s online world, few places remain ‘undiscovered’ but there’s still room for local insight. Give your guests some insider tips so they can discover Cornish highlights that might not be mentioned in the guidebooks or by the tourist office. Examples include local spots to see a sunset, a list of bays that are sheltered from the wind or beaches with the best waves when it’s blowing a southwesterly or northwesterly. Or provide tips to help them such as alternative routes to the coast when the main road is busy or give them a list of local attractions offering family friendly discounts.

Top tip – revise your information on a regular basis to update opening times and prices and add new attractions (or remove those that are no longer worth recommending or have closed down).

Tell your guests about your recommendations

Once you’ve compiled your list of recommendations, the next question is how do you tell your guests about them?

Welcome email – in the final email you send before guests arrive, include an attachment with your recommendations, or link to the most current details on your website if you have one.

Welcome book – put all your recommendations in the welcome book in your holiday let. Provide a map of your local area plus leaflets from the local tourist office too.

On your website – if you’ve set up a dedicated website for your holiday let in Cornwall, include your recommendations on things to do and see in a separate section. This has the added bonus of SEO potential. But don’t give too much away on your website – save the insider tips for guests who have booked.

Top tip – ask us for advice on how to give your guests added value when they stay at your Cornish holiday let. After over 50 years in the business, we know a thing or two about how to offer the best possible experience. Get in touch and discover how we help you take your holiday let to the next level!