“Unblock drains instantly with no need for nasty chemicals”

A slow-draining bath is usually as a result of hair and soapy gunk blocking the pipes below your bathroom plughole, but fear not, your fairy godmother is at a hand to wave her magic wand.

Unblock drains with Drain Weasel

Unblock drains with Drain Weasel

The Drain Weasel Range from Lakeland is fast, safe and easy – a clever, chemical-free disposal method, so that water can flow freely once more. Ideal for cleaning drains if you have a septic tank as no harsh chemicals are required.

Working instantly with no need for nasty chemicals, a Drain Weasel’s magic wand traps all the hair that washes down your bathroom plug holes and lets you lift it out together with the entire soapy gunk that may have built up around it.

The snake-like wands are long enough to reach the deepest u-bend and can be reused, or if you prefer not to get too close to the gooey bundle that will emerge from beneath the plughole, the quick-release reusable plastic handle lets you just drop the used wand into the bin when you’re done.

Dirt-free hands as well as a drain that’s clean and clear!

A pack comprises a reusable handle and 2 disposable wands; 3-wand refill packs available separately.

The owner of Honnor Cottage couldn’t live without them.