Solar PV – It’s not just about the tariff & efficiency

Solar PV for your holiday home

© Julian via Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Ever considered generating your own electricity? Our friends at RSE Electrical Services know a thing or two about solar panels and have some advice for you… 

For those customers looking into solar PV one of the major things customers think about is the feed in tariff and efficiency of the panel. But think about this….. Once you have generated the energy and been paid the feed in tariff and deemed to have exported 50% of the energy what else can you do with it…?

Why not heat your hot water using only “free energy” or why not join the growing trend of owners creating Cornwall’s smart network by fitting an electronic vehicle charging point for your visitors to use. There are limited grants available for joining the smart network so remember it’s not just about the tariff and efficiency of modules but also what you can do with the energy you’ve generated to make your payback quicker. For more information about Solar PV please visit