Reuniting Lost Dogs with their Owners

Get your people to call my people

With the increasing number of canine visitors to our holiday properties, have you ever given any thought to a lost dog and how our furry friends would find their way back to your holiday home.

It is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and wear an ID tag but more often than not, the information engraved on the tag will include the owners name and home contact details.

One very pro-active holiday cottage owner has had a batch of dog tags engraved with their contact telephone number and it is given to all holidaymakers upon arrival to attach to their dog’s collar.

So if a four legged friend gets over excited on a local walk and separated from their master or mistress, whoever finds them will be able to reunite their beloved pet back to its rightful owner.

Pet ID tags can be purchased very economically either online or in the high street, and it is just another little extra touch to show a visitor that the owner has gone the extra mile for them.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager