Replacing the bed spread, or changing the curtains?

Fresh linen for your holiday home

One of the things that makes us all individuals is our sense of taste. When my wife and I first met we had very different tastes. Being from the Antipodes, I had little sense of classical taste, which I thought my English rose had in abundance. She thought my sense of taste was positively dire (which it probably was). Harriet likes to think that she has educated me, but taste is very personal and no-one is right or wrong, unless you are selling to the public.cashmere-siesta

This is when taste can play a major role in converting sales. It is hard to imagine, from our own point of view, that someone else does not like what we think is positively perfect. But it would be a very dull world if we all liked the same thing, and what would the tabloids have to write about!

If you are thinking of redecorating, or just replacing the curtains, the middle ground is always the best place to be when trying to attract guests to stay in your home. First impressions count for so much when a guest is trying to choose where they would like to stay. You want to appeal to the greatest number of people you possibly can, so appealing to the middle ground will be your best chance of converting browsers to bookers. Neutral, subtle, fresh, understated, these are all words that are unlikely to provoke a strong opinion. People are put off very quickly by furnishings and fittings that are not to their taste, so neutrality is likely to produce the best results. Modern and contemporary are also descriptive terms that meet with considerable approval for today’s holiday maker.