Preventing heating oil theft

Oil theft can be an expensive loss and although it is by no means a regular occurrence, we are aware of one or two occasions where owners of holiday properties have unfortunately had the contents of their oil tank stolen. 

Heating oil theft prevention

Protect your heating oil against theft.

My intention is certainly not to alarm anyone but perhaps if you live out of county and there may be occasions over the winter when your property is unoccupied, it may be prudent for you to put security measures in place.

There are many oil tank security devices on the market ranging from lockable inspection caps, tank arms, close shackle padlocks, spin secure tank locks, remote electronic oil level gauges; the choice is endless.

If this is something that strikes a chord with you, I would suggest you consult your oil supplier initially for their advice; alternatively there is a plenitude of options available on the internet. As one retailer says “An unsecured oil tank is like having £1000 cash in your garden”.

The costs of taking oil tank security measures will be far outweighed by the peace of mind and knowledge that your oil is protected.