Political Change: What does it mean for Tourism?

With a new leader at the helm of the Labour Party, the political news has been intense in September, but less attention has been paid by the main media outlets to the policies that
a Corbyn government might follow with regard to tourism. 

The chances that he will win the 2020 election are of course hotly debated, but nobody thought he was going to win the leadership when the contest first began. With austerity
still very much a part of the present government’s economic strategy to balance the books, significant numbers of people may remain disaffected by government policy and
politics in general, so forecasting any result may be premature.

Policy for HM Opposition is of course in a state of change with new leadership in position and significant internal division.

We know however that Mr Corbyn is keen on renationalisation of the railways, and is an opponent of airport expansion in the south of England, as is John McDonald, the new
Shadow Chancellor, who represents a constituency that includes Heathrow Airport. He opposes HS2 and is generally not favourable towards road network expansion.

These are mixed news for tourism. Road improvements are beneficial to some but not necessarily a benefit to areas through which new roads cut. Abandonment of HS2 might be
a negative for tourism, but might be a benefit if the money is spent in other ways that benefit tourism more. In another area of policy Jeremy Corbyn is known to be strongly opposed to zero-hours contracts, which are used in seasonal industries such as tourism in some businesses.

The new Labour leader is thought to be potentially interested in the social benefits of tourism as part of a commitment to a fair society and the tourism industry will need to
ensure that it highlights those benefits. However we have little insight into their attitude to holiday homes.

The new Shadow Secretary of State for Culture is Michael Dugher, who represents Barnsley East in the House of Commons. The Labour Party spokesman on Tourism and Sport is Clive Efford, also a strong supporter of the new leader. Judging by his social media postings his interests lie strongly with sport and rather less with tourism, a subject not recently mentioned on his Facebook or
Twitter feeds.