Cornish BBQ Hut

Guest Article from The Cornish BBQ Hut Company


The Cornish BBQ Hut Company specialises in all-weather BBQ Huts which combine modern day comfort with a back to basics experience. Simply put – “Outdoor entertaining, whatever the weather”.

The Cornish BBQ Hut Company BBQ-ing remains a popular social past time especially in summer, yet how many outdoor events have been cancelled due to our unpredictable weather? The Cornish BBQ Hut company have the perfect solution if previous “soggy” summers are anything to go by as well as providing a space to BBQ and entertain in the winter months.

The founders of the Cornish BBQ Hut Company Sarah Burrows & Liam Broderick discovered the perfect solution while on a holiday to Norway. “We fell in love with these traditional Scandinavian huts called Grillikotas, when we had use of one at our accommodation. Although it was -14 outside with 2 feet of snow on the ground, we spent the evenings using this amazing space, socialising and cooking lovely food and the weather had no impact at all” says Sarah. They can be used all year round however; the winter is when these superb buildings really come into their own. They are perfect for cosy and romantic winter evenings and we often light the fire, open a bottle of wine and simply relax.

After experiencing the unique experience that a BBQ Hut has to offer, the business partners decided that they wanted to share them with the UK and started importing them in 2012. Hearing the word “BBQ Hut”, people imagine 4 posts, a plastic roof and a disposable BBQ; this is simply not the case. They are bigger than most people expect (with the most popular size seating up to 15 people), yet still a very cosy and ambient space. Once you step inside, smell the wood, light the fire and feel the warmth you simply forget the weather outside!

The huts are suitable for traditional BBQ’s, but can also be utilised to cook other foods like Turkish Mezzes, couscous and stews. The adjustable revolving cooking platforms can be arranged over the open fire and accessed from all angles around the hut. Sarah states “They are a social space and there is something simply amazing about cooking over an open fire – it reconnects us with who we are, and people who come here immediately relax – with these huts you can experience the back to basics in a very comfortable way.” A number of holiday letting companies have also shown an interest as they are a great addition to your holiday accommodation.

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