Oh no, fleas – fighting the dreaded flea

Dogs on holiday

Imagine welcoming a holidaymaker and their much loved Fido to your property, after you have spent the day preparing the property for the incoming guests.

Fido scampers off to explore his new surroundings but when the day is done, Fido has an un-welcome reminder of the day when guests notice him scratching.

He fidgets in his favourite pet bed and in the coming days he develops spots and sores. Is it an allergy or a reaction to the grass from romping the day away?

No. It’s the ever-dreaded flea infestation and unfortunately, this scenario is all-too common.

Despite the guests dutifully keeping up with the responsibility of Fido’s flea prevention, those pesky little critters have snuck in through the back door and you’re in for a real battle.

To avoid this potential scenario, it is best to take preventative measures to keep them out in the first place and there are now several fast-acting and long-lasting household sprays on the market which potentially kills fleas and dust mites and protects the home for a full 12 months.

There is of course no way of determining how or when fleas may have been brought in to a property but being pro-active helps you squash their stronghold on your home.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager