Last Impressions

Everyone knows the saying that “first impressions count for a great deal” but have you ever considered the ‘last impression’?

People form an instant opinion of your property at the time of their arrival, but why not consider making the last 30 seconds count too!

Now, 30 seconds doesn’t give you much time, but a goodwill gesture thanking visitors for their custom and wishing them a safe journey home goes a long way in positivity and creates a lasting impression and potentially a satisfied customer.

Picture it, its departure day and Mum and Dad are packing up the car in preparation of their journey home when Colin the owner strolls over to wish them well and presents them with a tin of Rodda’s classic Cornish clotted cream fudge. The parents are touched by the thoughtfulness and relish the potential of bribing the children on their long drive home while the kids eyes light up with the promise of a piece of sumptuously smooth fudge if they’re good.

When your closing message is a positive one, the person you’ve just waved goodbye to will tend to remember that other aspects about you and your property are equally positive.

And it doesn’t end there as after the fudge has gone, what becomes of the tin. Whether it is a pen pot by the telephone, a money box for pocket money, storing paintbrushes, or simply refilled with sweets, every time that holidaymaker returns to the tin it will trigger a happy memory of their holiday in Cornwall and specifically at your property – and that may influence their decision to rebook.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager