How collaboration with local businesses can benefit your guests and boost repeat bookings

Local businesses

No Cornish holiday let stands alone. Each and every one is part of the local community and by extension the businesses within it whether they be shops, restaurants, trip organisers or attractions.

Collaborating with other local tourism businesses brings plenty of benefits all round. Firstly and most importantly, for your guests. But also for the local businesses themselves and ultimately, you and your holiday let. In a nutshell, a win-win for everyone! Read on to discover how collaboration with local businesses can benefit your guests and how to get maximum benefits for everyone.

All those benefits for your guests

At the top of your priority list are your guests. Happy holidaymakers are the ones who will book again and recommend your Cornish holiday let to others. One of the ways you can add to your guests’ happiness is through collaboration with local businesses. Here’s why and how to do it.

Provide something extra for your guests

Everyone loves extras so tap into local businesses to provide them for your guests. Add local goods and produce to your welcome hamper and/or in the amenities in your holiday let.

For example, include Cornish cheese, some pasties made by the local bakery or clotted cream from the farm down the lane in your welcome hamper. Then, in your welcome note, mention where you got the produce so that guests can look out for it on their holiday and (hopefully) buy more.

Leave your guests a pasty

Leave your guests a pasty

Provide locally produced toiletries in your bathrooms with a small sign saying where they’re from. Arrange for a guest discount with the provider (say 10% off) to encourage them to buy the products for themselves.

Make it an authentic experience

As well as having a good time, holidays are also all about experiences. Cornwall with its variety of landscapes offers plenty of activities for your guests to try. Select the best ones in the area around your Cornish holiday let and include them in the “things to do” section in your welcome book.

Ideas for experiences include dolphin spotting, going down a tin mine, visiting a vineyard (and trying the wine afterwards!), riding a zipwire, learning to make Cornish pasties or discovering unusual landmarks.

Camel Valley

Camel Valley

Get in touch with the activity providers and see if you can negotiate a reduced rate for your guests or another benefit such as priority booking.

Save your guests money

We all love a freebie or a discount (even more than we love extras) so get in touch with local businesses near your Cornish holiday let to see how they can save your guests money. For example, a 2 for 1 deal for a lunch at a local pub Monday to Thursday; 25% extra discount for families on a boat trip; or money off when they spend more than £25 on dairy products.

Pub Grub

Pub Grub

Don’t forget to… tell your guests about the extras, the experiences and the money savers. Mention them in your welcome email or note and in your welcome book. And ask your guests to mention your holiday let when they buy so that the business concerned knows that your holiday let has provided the custom.

As well as keeping your guests (very) happy, collaborating with local businesses will reap them rewards too.

More custom

By directing your holiday let guests to local shops, restaurants and activities, these get more custom and therefore make more money. This might not be so important during high season when getting customers through the door isn’t a challenge in Cornwall but come November and January it’s a different story. When you approach local businesses to offer ways of collaborating, be sure to point out the benefits of custom from your guests in the shoulder and low seasons.

More promotion and recommendations

Even if your guests don’t buy the local produce you provided in your hamper or book a seat on that dolphin trip, they have still seen the promotion of the business in your holiday home. This brand recognition counts for a lot – they might book a trip on a later holiday or recommend it to others. When they tie up with you, local businesses take advantage of your marketing and as a result, get a wider audience reach.

More promotion and recommendations

More promotion and recommendations

Don’t forget to… keep in touch with your collaborating businesses on a regular basis. This maintains the relationship and gives you both the chance to review the agreement and see how you can improve it.

All those benefits for you

So, you’ve got a household of happy holidaymakers and a neighbourhood of contented local businesses, but what’s in it for you? Quite a lot as it turns out.

Add value to a stay with you

Collaborating with local businesses adds extra value to a stay in your Cornish holiday let. You’re no longer just offering accommodation; you’re going that extra mile to make the holiday an experience to remember.

Give your holiday let the edge over others

By adding value, you’ve taken your holiday let to the next level. All those extras, freebies, discounts and savings make a stay at your property stand out against the others. And in the very crowded world of holiday lets, having an edge is always an advantage.

Local businesses will recommend you

Lastly and one of the most beneficial, the local businesses you collaborate with will recommend your holiday let. This may not bring in guests in their droves to start with, but all you need is a booking or two from a recommendation and the ball is rolling!

Don’t forget to… get in touch with us to find out how we can help you start your collaboration with local businesses. After over 50 years in the business, there’s not much we don’t know about holiday letting in Cornwall!