Guest reviews: How to request and respond to feedback

As well as making sure your guests’ holiday gets off on the right footing, you also want to collect their feedback. Peer opinion forms a vital part of decision making and buying behaviour in today’s world and holidaymakers are more likely to book a holiday home that has positive opinions. Garnering this valuable information will also help your marketing by:

a) Raising your ranking on holiday letting portals.

b) Telling other guests what to expect at your holiday home in Cornwall.

c) Providing you with a perspective that’ll help improve your accommodation.

However, getting guests to provide feedback isn’t always easy. Here are some tips on how to request guest reviews:

Provide a guestbook

Keep a guestbook in your Cornish holiday let in a clearly visible place. Add a note to the front cover asking guests to write their comments and keep a pen inside. Afterwards, type out their review and include it in an email to them asking them for permission to use on your website and/or your marketing material. You could also request that they submit it to a holiday letting portal as part of their online review.


Leave a review card

Alternatively, leave a postcard for them to complete in a similar fashion. Here you could also ask their permission to stay in contact and to provide an email address for future marketing purposes.

Post-stay email

Send your guests an email asking for feedback within 4 to 10 days after their stay. Explain that feedback helps you improve your holiday home for future guests and attract new business. Mention that you’re also keen to encourage them to make a return visit.


Make things as easy as possible for your guests by adding direct links within the email to the site where you want the guests to leave their reviews. And make things easy for you too by creating an email template for the feedback request – just copy and paste and then personalise for the guest.

Better still? Encourage guests to make contact should anything not be quite right during their stay. Dealing with problems as they arise could prevent spoiling a holiday. Read more about dealing with complaints about your holiday let.

How to respond to online reviews

Once you’ve received your much desired feedback, it’s time to respond. Much as you’d love to read glowing comments from start to finish, the reality is that reviews rarely rave all the time. So, be prepared for a mix! To help you, here are our 10 top tips for responding to online reviews:

· Check regularly for new reviews and respond as soon as you can.

· Always respond to a review no matter how glowing (or otherwise) it is.

· Always start by thanking the reviewer.

· Always keep your reply short and sweet.

· Always address all points, again precisely and succinctly.


· Always take negative comments with a pinch of salt and never personally. Remember that this isn’t about you; it’s about a holiday house.

· Always leave it a day to reply to a negative review to give yourself time to stop feeling angry or hurt.

· Always ask someone else to read your reply to negative feedback to make sure your reply is fair and balanced.

· Always use critical feedback to your advantage. Amend faults, fix issues and improve on shortcomings so that future guests benefit. Then let them know what you’ve done.

· Always remember that sometimes there’s no pleasing some people, ever!

Get some expert advice

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