Green energy for your holiday let

Green Energy

Hardly a day goes by without climate change and the destruction of biodiversity featuring on the news and in social media.

Everyone is increasingly environmentally conscious and many people are taking concrete steps to reduce their impact on the world. This stretches to green energy for your holiday let too so making your Cornish holiday home as green-energy-friendly as possible will appeal to guests.

Reasons to go green

Adding green energy sources to your Cornwall holiday home is a win-win for all parties. First, take your guests: they like to know their holiday footprint will be smaller if they stay with you. Not only does your property give them peace of mind, you also add to your property’s USPs. And then there are your costs. Green energy sources will bring these down and give you a better rating on the Energy Performance Certificate.

Creating a USP

Creating a USP

Top tip – if you’re considering green energy for your holiday let, make sure your marketing includes the words ‘green energy’ and/or ‘environmental-friendly’, or similar.

Go solar

Cornwall basks in more than 1,540 hours of sunshine a year so it makes sense to harness some green energy in your Cornish holiday let via solar power. Recent changes in legislation mean that government subsidy schemes will no longer be available from April 2019 so you’ll have to put more money down. However, recent technological innovations have made installation cheaper and own consumption possible. Using batteries, homes can use the energy they generate rather than exporting it into the grid.

Go solar...

Go solar…

Top tip – check with your local council on planning permission for solar panels and make sure your insurance policy covers them too.

Go green with your heat

Heating and hot water make up two of the biggest costs in a holiday let. To reduce your expenses, it’s worth thinking about installing an environmentally-friendly heating system such as:

Environmentally friendly heating system

Environmentally friendly heating system

Biomass boilers

This type of boiler is run on wood pellets or chips and/or logs, and provides a cheaper form of heating than oil, electricity and LPG. Biomass is sustainable and reduces the carbon footprint significantly. And the addition of a wood stove is always a plus and will add to the appeal of your Cornish holiday let. Initial costs can be expensive, although these depend on the size of boiler you install and you may qualify for government grants (see Top Tip below).

Air-source heat pumps

This type of heating works by absorbing heat from outside and condensing it into a fluid, which is then compressed and heated. Even when the outside temperature drops, an air-source heat pump can still be warming up your home. They do need electricity to run, but considerably less than conventional electric heating.

Think Green

Think Green

Ground-source heat pumps

These absorb heat from the ground (usually from a pipe in your garden) and work much on the same principle as air-source pumps. They too need electricity to run and are more difficult to install but offer big savings on bills and bring your guests’ carbon footprint right down.

Top tip – government grant schemes are currently available under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Qualifying heating systems include biomass boilers, air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps and solar thermal panels. Find out more here.

Tell your guests about green energy in your holiday let

As well as mentioning your energy efficient holiday let in your market materials, you should mention your green features in your welcome book. Give guests instructions on how to work the boilers and heaters. You might also like to provide a bit of information on how your installations are doing their bit towards the environment.

Top tip – as well as using green energy in your Cornish holiday let, you can maximise energy efficiency in other ways. Read our top 10 tips here.

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