Get the garden looking lovely for summer

During the warm months from May to September, the outside of your holiday home comes into its own. Whether it has a patio, a garden or a balcony, the outside space becomes as important as the interior of your property. It will probably be one of the reasons that your guest has selected your place for their Cornish holiday, so investing in this area will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. The idea is to provide an environment where your guests can feel relaxed and make the most of the location, where children can play and be entertained and remain engaged, and perhaps a place to enjoy alfresco meals as a family/group of friends.

Here are four issues for owners to consider.

1. First Impressions

Observers form opinions in the first seven seconds that are hard to shake off. Neglect the initial aesthetic appeal at your peril. Hedges and fences must be smart and secure, gates and latches clean and in good working order, and paths and patios free from weeds, leaves or debris. Make sure the approach lighting is sufficient, clean and functioning. Grass and plants should be green and fresh looking.

A colourful and clean, well presented external appearance shows that your property is in good order even before the guest has set foot inside. First impressions count.

2. Styling

Property owners should plan their outdoor facilities every bit as much as those inside the house. Think about the style you want to achieve, and then decorate and dress the area accordingly to apply it with consistency and flair.

Make sure that your outdoor furniture can comfortably seat all guests the house can accommodate. It needs to be comfortable as well as hard-wearing, easy to clean and practical to use. A wooden dining table and chairs with cushions would be the minimum expectation; space permitting, provide some relaxing seating as well for your guests to chill out and make the most of the good weather.

If you’re an experienced owner and have your outside spaces well organised already, now is the time to renew your attention and make sure your furniture and accessories are going to stay the distance. Ensure that the paintwork is fresh and that everything is robust and in full working order. Check metal items for any signs of rust and wash down anything grimy or dusty. Make sure all the textiles are in good order and free of stains.

3. Keeping Guests Warm

The mild Cornish climate still experiences a drop in temperature after sunset, so make sure the guests can continue to stay comfortable outside. Gas powered heaters, fire pits or chimineas, or just a selection of blankets can extend the alfresco experience into the night.

4. Plants

Decorating your outside spaces doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be practical, low-maintenance and to provide a colourful and relaxing atmosphere. One of the easiest ways to create a tranquil environment is with plants. Consult a local garden centre or landscape gardener about what plants and planters are suitable for your property. If you have an established garden, check that you have trimmed the shrubs and hedges, cut the grass and weeded the borders and the lawns. The latter may require repairs to some patches and nourishment for the coming drier weather.

For more advice on how to make the most of your property’s external spaces, please telephone Alison, Charmian or George on +44 (0)1208 893 980, or email or pop in and visit us in our office in Wadebridge.