Frustrated with customers adjusting your TV?

Remote Control

In these modern times with so much constantly changing technology on offer, it is reasonable to say that no two television sets are going to be the same.

I’m sure we can all admit to not reading the manual, so to deter visitors from tampering with the audio and visual equipment in your cottage, here is a tip to keep your TV operating safely and reliably. 

One (almost) fail safe option is providing guests with their own TV Channel Listings unique to your property, detailing all the channel names you receive in full with the corresponding channel numbers.

If they can see at a glance on a clear and concise laminated sheet what is on offer and the relevant numbers to press, this should prevent any unnecessary adjustments to the current settings.

This would be of particular use to overseas visitors and properties that offer additional satellite or cable channels.

And don’t forget to include the significant number of radio stations that are also available.