Excuse me, kind sir, but is your name Aladdin?

Whatever the answer to this, we could all do with a genie of the lamp to help with those tiresome cleaning problems around the house.

Brass, copper and bronze in particular looks lovely when they are gleaming but they are also notorious for staining and becoming tarnished.

Aladdin’s mother tried to clean their oil lamp so that they could sell it to buy food for their supper; whereas we just want the wonderful oil lamp looking at its best for the holiday maker’s arrival.

HG Copper Shine Shampoo

HG Copper Shine Shampoo

So a rub of a magic lamp and a puff of smoke and HG Copper Shine Shampoo materialises.

“Cleaning and polishing copper pots, vases, and pans is often a time consuming and unpleasant chore. But not with the HG copper shine shampoo. This odourless product, based on natural ingredients, removes dirt and deposits and restores the copper shine and colour, very simply. HG copper shine shampoo does not scratch and is also very suitable for cleaning brass and bronze.”

With the aid of the genie of the lamp, Aladdin becomes rich and powerful. We may not be able to match this achievement but hopefully your holiday property will be looking like a wonderful palace.

As one owner recently said to us; CTC are a mind of information!