Communication is key

“Communication is simply a two way process of exchanging ideas, information or transmitting verbal and non-verbal messages”.

Whether it relates to key safes, holidays, availability or maintenance to name but a few, it is imperative that we collectively communicate with one another.

Key safe – if a key safe code is changed, please ensure that all parties are notified of the new number to alleviate any potential delay in your guest gaining access to the property.

Holiday – if an owner, housekeeper or key holder is going to be away please ensure that all parties are aware of the relevant dates and any stand-in representatives are fully briefed.

Availability – if you or your family want to stay in the property please ensure the relevant dates are blocked off the calendar to avoid the risk of a double booking or disappointing a guest.

Maintenance – if an owner is out of county, the housekeeper is their eyes and ears so if they see that something is amiss at the property, please ensure it is reported so action can be taken.

Cornish Traditional Cottages are always here to help in any way we can, but only if we have been provided with the correct information. So please don’t forget us whenever you are making changes.

Thank you.

Alison Sargent
Property Manager