Autumn and Winter are coming …..

We have had a fantastic summer this year and the season is not over yet. Although we may currently be experiencing a blip in the weather, the momentum to keep visitors coming throughout the shoulder season is never far from our minds. 

Stop muddy floors with Lakeland Boot Tray

Muddy floors preventtion with Lakelands’ Boot Tray

For those owners whose property is open all year round, have you considered where guests can store muddy wellies and wet clothing? There is nothing worse than returning to a warm and inviting property to find nowhere to put shoes and hang coats etc.

I do believe in the motto ‘if you provide it then they will use it’ so to avoid stains on the carpet or damage to your soft furnishings it may be worth taking a moment to cogitate and check that there is provision for hanging up/drying out wet weather gear.

Lakeland offer an unrivalled collection of practical ideas for the home, one such example is their durable boot tray; it protects your home from the dirt and mud that so often gets trailed in on boots and wellies. “With the Boot Tray on duty by the door, there’ll be no excuse for anyone to get your carpets or hard floors mucky.”