Heading out for a quick surf before the sun finally goes down

Because reading travel blogs, or stalking travel photographers on Instagram, doesn’t really count… We all spend enough time online as it is. The internet is a wonderful resource for finding new destinations, researching your holidays, or wasting your boss’s money… but don’t dream it – do it! Here are seven clues to the fact that you probably need a holiday : 

#1 You more often than not spend your whole day off in your Pjs

© Vibe Images / DollarPhotoClub

Vibe Images

#2 You spend the run-up to the weekend saying “I need a drink!” And most of the weekend recovering!

kmiragaya / DollarPhotoClub


#3 You talk about “hump day”, get the Monday blues, or TGIF is actually part of your vocabulary!

jesadaphorn / DollarPhotoClub


#4 Your nerves are frayed but your clothes are not… when was the last time you wore your favourite ripped jeans???

© Will Mattos - mattos.tv

Frayed Rope On Cornish Sleeper

#5 You are always seeing pics of the latest bikinis online and realising that yours (last worn in 2001) doesn’t look anything like Amy Willerton’s… and you can’t remember the last time you had a real suntan…

© Paul Carroll / Sandstorm

Model – Amy Willerton, Photo – Paul Carroll, Swimwear – Sandstorm

#6 You keep wishing you had a boat… any boat!

© MK10 / DollarPhotoClub

MK10 Photography

But it’s OK, you don’t need to own one in Cornwall – get some ideas at cornwallguideonline.co.uk by typing “boat” into the search bar at the top!

#7 Every time you see a surfing picture you say “I really need to learn to surf!”.

Just come to Cornwall and learn to surf. You might think that Hawaii or Tahiti is the ideal location, but actually, Cornish beaches are the perfect place to learn – soft and sandy, no terrifying sea creatures, and (usually) small but consistent swells in the summer.

For some ideas about where to find this, go to cornwallguideonline.co.uk and type “surf” into the search bar at the top!

For cottages near Porthtowan, where this photo was taken, click here…

If you’re thinking of visiting Cornwall anytime soon there are plenty of great cottages available through Cornish Traditional Cottages. Click here to see the latest special offers!


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