Waterskiing and wakeboarding in Cornwall

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are exhilarating sports that not everyone gets a chance to try. Luckily in Cornwall, there are lots of places to have a go. You don’t need a boat on open water either – there are several lakes with overhead tows and ramps and rails to have a go. Read on to find out more about the sports and where best to try them.


Waterskiing involves being pulled behind a boat, skimming the surface of the water whilst stood on waterskis. Here are some of the best places to waterski in Cornwall:

Camel Ski School

One of the most well-known waterski centres in Cornwall, Camel Ski School has been running since 1977, teaching people of all ages and abilities. They also have an 'Island Cafe', a floating cafe in the middle of the River Camel where you can stop off for refreshments and recharge your batteries whilst waterskiing.

The Camel Ski School is located in Rock. For properties nearby, click here.

Cornwall Watersports

Available for ages of four upwards, there is nothing better than gliding over the water on skis. The south coast is known for having more sheltered waters compared to the north coast, making it perfect for beginners wanting to try out waterskiing. Offering a variety of sea based activities, it is always a good idea to check sea conditions before visiting to make sure it is suitable and safe for waterskiing.

Cornwall Watersports centre is located in Pentewan, St Austell Bay. Click here to see properties in the area.


This surprisingly simple to learn sport is similar to waterskiing, but can also be performed on an overhead cable tow without the need for a boat. You can be as brave or otherwise as you want to – the pros will launch themselves high in the air, but you can stay comfortably close to the surface of the water if you choose. Here are some of the best places to wakeboard in Cornwall:

Retallack Resort

The lake onsite at Retallack Resort has a purpose-built wake park, complete with a wake cable which is perfect for newbies that want to try out the sport. The instructors will provide you with a safety briefing, equipment and all the knowledge you'll need to give it a go.

Retallack Resort is located near Padstow. For properties in the area, click here.

Kernow Adventure Park

Kernow Adventure Park is set on a freshwater lake inside a quarry, meaning it's sheltered and the water is lovely and clear - making wakeboarding even more inviting. Much like Retallack, there is a wake cable to pull you through the water, and there is a variety of obstacles to suit every ability.

Kernow Adventure Park is located near Falmouth. Click here for properties nearby.