My Day Out: Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor

Waking up as the sun was rising on a cold, icy morning, I knew I wanted to head outdoors and find an amazing view to make the most of the beautiful weather. I chucked on my shoes and quickly searched the internet for the best places on Bodmin Moor, and up popped Rough Tor and Brown Willy. Optimistically, I thought I could conquer both Tors, however soon discovered that Rough tor would be enough for me that day. Many people do both tors in a day, and there are some great guides on the walking route, but I decided I’d save that for another time.

Rough Tor

Rough Tor from the car park

Rough Tor

Setting off towards Rough Tor

The great thing about Rough Tor is that there are lots of different routes up, and you can stop at any point and turn around. I chose the easiest walk with the least amount of climbing as I wanted to play it safe, taking plenty of stops as I was walking up as the views are amazing, you just have to keep looking! Plus, it was good to catch my breath every now and then.

The scenery at Rough Tor is amazing - true escapism. No commercial shops, just nature at its finest. And you’re not going to find better moorland views than from the top of a Tor.  Since returning, I have researched Rough Tor a little more and it is steeped in history, from Iron Age remains to Bronze Age hut circles, and even a Neolithic Tor enclosure.

Most people would enjoy this day out as it’s a great way to clear your head and soak up the views, while children would have a lovely time climbing up the rocks and exploring the moorland, however the walk isn’t suitable for pushchairs or the less mobile.

Rough Tor viewThe stunning view from Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor

The only downside to my day out at Rough Tor was that there wasn’t an open café nearby, but luckily I had a flask of tea with me. If you’re planning to come here with children, you might need something to incentivise them to reach the top, so the Tor is a perfect place for a picnic with a scrummy cake.

I would love to visit Rough Tor again, be better prepared and walk for longer. Next time, I’d like to climb Brown Willy and reach the highest point in Cornwall. I’d also like to visit the nearby Cornwall at War Museum, which was closed during my visit but reopens at Easter. The Old Inn at St Breward, around five miles away, is the highest pub in Cornwall, so what better way to finish off your day out.

Rough Tor view

Far reaching views across Bodmin Moor from Rough Tor

Top Tips and Things to Know:

  • The weather on Bodmin Moor is liable to change very quickly, so make sure you look at the forecast and don’t chance it on a foggy or windy day

  • If there has been wet weather, you will need waterproof footwear as you cross a small river near the car park

  • The car park is free but small, so bear this in mind during the busy season

  • The road to Rough Tor car park is a little like a fairground ride with a very big dip in the middle. There are lots of passing areas on the road, but be prepared to reverse

  • There are no toilet facilities and no cafe, so make sure to take a drink with you as you’ll need it, and maybe some snacks

  • There’s lots of free-roaming wildlife on the Tor, so dogs will need to be kept on leads