My day out: The Camel Trail

I had the children at home as it was the school holidays, and wanted to exhaust them out for the day. The Camel Trail is near to me so it was easy to put the bikes in the car, and off we went.

I was surprised with how quiet this part of the trail was during the school holidays. It was actually quite relaxing. However, six miles to Wenfordbridge from Bodmin is quite a long way for children, but the scenery was lovely. My daughter got a flat tire which slowed us down a little - so it took a slightly longer than normal.

I often walk the trail on lovely summer evenings, so I knew that the Bodmin end of the trail is quieter than the Wadebridge and Padstow route. My children are able to ride a bike, but don’t normally do more than one or two miles. It’s is six miles from Bodmin to Wadebridge of mostly flat riding with the slightest incline towards Bodmin. We set off from Bodmin and started The Camel Trail however when we got to the junction for Wenfordbridge we chose to venture this way and explore the least well-known part of the trail.

Everybody can enjoy The Camel Trail, as you can either take a gentle stroll or an energetic bike ride. There are plenty of places to eat and drink at the start and finish, as well as along the way of whichever part of the trail you choose.

Top tips for visiting The Camel Trail:

  • Start at Wadebridge and take time to look around the town, then cycle to Padstow which has a fantastic selection of places to get food and drinks (refreshments are always needed on an active day out).
  • The Camel Trail car park in Bodmin is small, but free.

About the author: Emma is a holiday home manager, and visited The Camel Trail in February 2019.