My day out: Luxulyan Valley Circular Walk

If you’re looking for something a little more peaceful to do in Cornwall, Luxulyan Valley is a great place for a walk.

My most recent stomping ground on a day out was a circular walk in Luxulyan Valley. I decided to visit after seeing an article about ‘Five hidden waterfalls in Cornwall you never knew existed’ which Luxulyan was featured in. The show ‘Walks with My Dog’ also played a part — a recent episode showed the presenter walking around this beautiful woodland and uncovering snippets of Cornish history. Bizarrely, this walk is just 10 minutes away from my Mum’s house, yet neither of us ever knew it existed.

On the walk, I discovered that the terrain is very different to any other walks in Cornwall. Its environment is rich with history and there’s plenty of wildlife around. All throughout the walk, there are hints of the working tramways and industrial work which used to operate here in the late 19th century. But perhaps the most impressive of all is the Treffry viaduct, which was built between 1839-1842, used to transport large granite blocks through the valley. Still standing today, it’s a huge part of the scenery on this walk and amazing to catch a glimpse of.

Further on, I was surprised to discover all the different routes I could take. There are so many to choose from and the occasional fellow dog walker to meet along the way — just be careful not to get lost. At the top of the valley, the waterfall which is part of the disused waterwheel system can be found; a real treasure to come across.

I’m looking forward to visiting Luxulyan Valley again, since the walk offers so much variety and there’s so much abundant wildlife, from thriving plants and pretty streams to hidden woodland creatures. It’s the perfect place to take your dog for a quiet walk, with countless sights and smells and secret paths to explore throughout the area. Water-loving dogs can even take a splash in the river which runs through much of the valley before drying off with a run through the trees.

Depending on how far you’d like to go, this walk can last any time between 30 minutes to 3 hours. So if you’re after a peaceful afternoon stroll, or a workout alongside nature, Luxulyan Valley is a wonderful place to visit with Cornish history dotted all around.

This walk can be enjoyed by everyone, however be aware that, like many walks in Cornwall, some of the terrain isn’t accessible for some with mobility issues. That being said, there are some routes within the valley which are flatter and much better suited.

The car park is fairly small, so just be aware that you may have to park on the road.

About the author: Rob is our customer experience advisor who visited Luxulyan Valley in September 2019.