My day out: Flambards isn’t just for kids

Flambards theme park in Helston is a family fun day out which offers a wide variety of attractions. Whether you're feeling brave with sky-high thrill rides, or wish to discover dinosaurs in the Jurassic journey, there is something for everyone. The Park also offers award-winning indoor attractions (open on selected days, with a significantly reduced admission price) for those who wish to keep warm and out of the winter weather. 

I chose to visit Flambards, as I love spending time with my mother and it is particularly fun watching her react to The Victorian Village, and especially The Britain in the Blitz - travelling back in time.

We had been a few years previously and so knew what to expect, but there were a few things that we couldn't recall from previous visits which made for a pleasant surprise. There were steps between some of the exhibits, but signs indicated to alternative wheelchair routes, and there were plenty of seats for a rest break. 

We loved The Victorian Village, as it had recreated shops and scenes from the era. It made for a particularly fun game of trying to spot some of the brand names that we recognise from today. The Britain in the Blitz, showcased a street which had been 'bombed' in addition to an air raid shelter recreated from WWII. My mother's face was a picture when we came up to the Morrison shelter in a recreated front-living room. She recalled her father eating his dinner over the shelter as she slept underneath (a Morrison Shelter is a Table with a bed underneath to protect the sleeper from falling debris if a nearby bomb explodes).

While exploring, we came across the almost exact replica of my mothers own 1950s wedding dress in their collections of beautiful vintage dresses on display - leaving her pleased as punch! And for me, the aviation experience gave me the chance to climb aboard the replica flight deck and passenger cabin of the Concorde, which was a real blast from the past to when I worked at British Airways in the 1980s and was lucky enough to fly aboard the iconic aeroplane.

Flambards is fun for everyone, although it is probably more interesting to take children in the summer so they can enjoy the outside attractions too. A good proportion of the park is indoors for those rainy days, meaning that you can enjoy Flambards all year round. 

If you are thinking of returning, check out if there are any savings to be had with special offers. If you book 24 hours ahead, you can save up to 10%, and if you're a regular holiday goer in Cornwall then take a look at their season ticket, which could save a lot of money if you plan on visiting more than twice a year. There is also an option to upgrade your day ticket to a seven-day pass.

Flambards is also exceptionably amenable, with a large free car park on-site. However, the café is a little limited, but there is a Sainsbury's next door where you can grab a bite instead.

About the author: Ali is our holiday home specialist and visited Flambards in November 2019.