Five things not to miss on the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly generally have a warmer climate than the rest of the UK, due to the position of the isles in relation to the ocean and the spectacular warmth of the gulf stream. This makes it the perfect holiday destination, with water so clear and blue it’s hard to believe you’re not on the tropical coast. To get the most out of your trip, why not dip in the shallows for a paddle, or take a boat ride around the stunning isles?

To ensure you don’t miss anything, take a look at our five things not to miss on the Isles of Scilly, all of which can be done during a day trip, or as part of a longer visit.

Snorkel with seals

Did you know you can snorkel with seals when you go to the Isles of Scilly?  This fantastic award-winning experience is a great way to get close to Atlantic seals in their natural environment. Though they might be shy at first, they soon get used to the company and, if you’re lucky, you might even get to see a pod of dolphins. Not only can you get up close and personal with the seals, but there’s also a whole host of iconic wildlife to be seen along the shores, such as bats, rare plant life, and puffins.

Visit Tresco Island

Tresco Island features the magnificent Abbey Garden. This beautiful garden has some of the most exotic plants for miles around, making it an experience to remember. Indulge in the sights, sounds and smells all around as you stroll through the beautiful space and see plants you never knew existed.

Tresco Island has a rich history too. The Valhalla Museum, a  place dedicated to shipwrecked figureheads dating back to the mid 19th century, is located inside the actual garden itself, while a 17th century castle named after Oliver Cromwell stands at the north of the island.

Feeling hungry?

There are several great places to tickle your tastebuds. From traditional pubs to quaint tearooms, you’re never too far from a hot meal and a cup of tea. Polreath Tea Room is a wonderful place for a traditional cream tea — all made with fresh, local ingredients, while The New Inn is the best place to go for award-winning food on Tresco Island. However, for those not wanting to stray too far from the sand dunes, we recommend heading to Ruin Beach Cafe for a slice of life at the beach.

There are also several places to eat on the Scilly Isles which are dog friendly.

Visit an uninhabited island

Get in touch with your inner adventurer and explore one of the many uninhabited islands across the Scilly Isles, showcasing the very best rugged coastlines, rare coastal birds and beautiful shores. These wild islands are a great host for nature undisturbed by human contact and have several ancient myths and legends centred around them, including one about King Arthur.

You can travel to these uninhabited islands by boats called ‘trippers’ before setting off to find your own adventure.

Water sports

With the sea all around, there are plenty of water sport activities to get stuck into. From paddle boarding, gig rowing and coasteering, to wild sea swimming, take to the water during your time here to get closer to the breathtaking Atlantic ocean.

Set off from the shore with an entire range of locations to discover, such as the white sandy beaches, the historic Bishop Rock Lighthouse, and even a neolithic settlement nearby. A truly exhilarating experience, these water sport sessions come highly recommended.

Don’t worry, all equipment will be provided and you will be given a full safety briefing before your session.

For more information, visit the Isles of Scilly Travel website.