My day out: Camel Creek

Camel Creek is an adventure park located in Tredinnick, near Wadebridge, and is a fun all-year-round park which provides a great day out for the whole family.

The park has recently introduced 10 brand new attractions, including Air Bender (one of the biggest rides in the South West), and a Chocolate Factory Café, which has lots of yummy chocolate-themed foods. We visited Camel Creek for 'Halloweek', where the park had launched nine new attractions especially for the spooky celebrations. The Witches Grotto was a definite winner, and a free pumpkin for all of the children was a great bonus, it really got them excited.

With a free train ride for those who struggle to travel up and down the park, Camel Creek is hugely accessible - and for Halloween, it was decorated and renamed as the 'Ghost Train'. With amenities onsite for people with disabilities and babies, it’s perfect for everyone of all backgrounds and ages. Camel Creek claims that the park is mainly centred for children up to the age of 13, but I also had a lot of fun, especially on the rides.

I already knew that Camel Creek was a great day out as it is very well-known in Cornwall, but I hadn't been for a while. The park had recently joined our company’s guest club, and provides a £2 discount to loyal customers when booking a holiday with us (please speak to our office for more information). I expected to see the new attractions which had opened in the summer, but the extra Halloween events were genuinely brilliant. I can say with a lot of confidence that Camel Creek offers one of the best Halloween events in Cornwall. We had a plan to arrive early so we could go on all the rides before lunch and then go on the kid's favourites one last time before we left. But we ran a little late for lunch, so carried on playing all afternoon and stayed until the park closed. It was a really fun-filled day.

We had a fantastic day out, which was filled with a lot of fun and laughter. The café inside the play area sells typical theme park food, such as fast food, sausage rolls, packed lunches, meals deals, and of course a Cornish pasty. If the indoor play gets a little noisy, then it also sells a pint of Carlsberg or a glass of wine for the parents. The Chocolate Factory and ice cream parlour are also great places to eat onsite, but if you prefer to take your own food, they provide picnic benches too.

I love that when you pay, they provide you with an itinerary which includes ride times, animal handling sessions, and more importantly of course, the times that you can meet the mascots, Swampy and Dina.

The only negative I have to say is that they don't offer any vouchers or exclusive deals which let you return for free within the next seven days, like many other parks do, as I would have definitely gone again. But they do offer an annual ticket, which is a great (and cheaper) option if you holiday in Cornwall for more than twice a year, or want to make multiple trips in a week.

Camel Creek provides a perfect day out for the family. My top tips for visiting are:

  • Take your own picnics as a way to cut costs, as there is plenty of space to sit down and enjoy your food. You can always treat yourself to a chocolate snack or ice cream after.
  • Planning the day is also a must. Look on the website for opening times for the park and rides so that you can try to fit in everything you want to do.
  • Use animal encounters and less energetic attractions to relax after lunch to allow your food to go down.
  • But most importantly, enjoy the day as much as you can with the children, most attractions are suitable for "over 13's" as well. I mean, everybody loves a log flume, right?

About the author: Emma is our holiday home manager, and visited Camel Creek theme park in October 2019.