An interview with Aerial Cornwall

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of drone photography, capturing a unique angle many of us don’t get to see from day to day. This is especially magical in Cornwall, with our stunning landscape and coastline.

We love the images taken by Matt at Aerial Cornwall, and are proud to share his photos with you all as a showcase of our beautiful county. Read on to find out more about his experience as an aerial photographer in Cornwall…

1) What got you into doing aerial photography? 

I first got into aerial photography over five years ago when drones started to become more known and used. I saw the potential of how aerial photography could change the way we see the world and to have this technology so accessible was really exciting to me.

2) What is your favourite thing to photograph, and why?

I love to photograph the coastline around Cornwall. It’s incredible to see the beaches and coast from the air and from such unique angles, even the well photographed locations look so different. Having this aerial perspective really shows off the water clarity, colours and rock formations.

3) Have you discovered any hidden gems whilst out and about photographing in Cornwall?

Lots! I’ve seen more of Cornwall doing this line of work in the past few years than the rest of my life living here. I’m out to all sorts of far to reach places all the time, whether if I’m on a shoot for a client or just for fun for myself.

4) Do you have a favourite image you have taken in your collection, and if so which is it?

I have quite a few favourite images, the ones that really stand out for me are the birds eye views and I think my favourite so far is of Mousehole Harbour. The colours of the water and the way the boats align is a very different view of how you would see standing on ground level.

5) What is your top tip for taking a good location shot for people visiting Cornwall on holiday?
My top tips for photographing Cornwall, or anywhere by drone, is to choose the right conditions, especially around the coast. Sun position, time of day and tides all need to align for the right shot. And last but not least, fly safe. Check the local area for obstructions, airports and anything that could pose a risk to others. Just enjoy it and have fun!

To check out more of Matt’s work, visit the Aerial Cornwall Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.