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By which we mean the best pasties in the world, of course. There really isn't much scope for looking further afield. We are aware that meat filled pie products described as pasties are available outside of the county, but you haven't lived until you eat a Cornish pasty. In Cornwall. That's why they have a special EU protected status.

Greggs, for instance, were required to rename their Cornish pasty “Beef and Vegetable Pasty” because it contains peas and carrots. History geeks will know that the Cornish don't traditionally use carrots – the pointy orange vegetable was blighted by pests in the 18th century, and it was not generally used hereabouts until better, imported ones became commonplace. We don't know the reason for excluding peas, to be honest.

The competition is fierce among our many small pasty makers up and down the Duchy, and everyone has their personal favourites, including those locals who'll say that “No one makes a pasty like my Nan.” We asked our Facebook followers for some of their recommendations, and here they are:

Barnecutts, who have been bakers in Cornwall for over eighty years, and now run bakeries and cafés all over the county. They will even deliver Cornish pasties by post to tide you over outside the holiday season!

Malcolm Barnecutts Bakery, Bodmin Malcolm Barnecutts Bakery, Bodmin

Warrens are award-winning pasty producers. They are also the oldest bakery in Cornwall, and one of the oldest remaining artisan/craft bakeries in the UK. They have even expanded to provide these Cornish delicacies outside of the county, but don't worry; if you can't get to a Warren's, they too provide pasties by post!

Warren's Bakery, the oldest Cornish pasty maker in the world Photo: Warrens Bakery

Chester Rd Butchers in Newquay was the only butcher's shop to make the list, but make sure you check out their pasties if you're visiting the surfing capital of the UK!

Philps Pasties make everyone's list, not just because of their generous proportions but because of the quality traditional fare they turn out! Delivering all over the UK by FEDEX, and around Cornwall at a reduced rate, or visit their shops in Hayle.

The Cornish Bakery in Mevagissey is a big winner on Tripadvisor. It's a pasty shop that also serves coffee, pastries, etc. With some interesting variations, like pork, apple and cider!

Horse and Jockey Bakery in Porthleven make everything from fresh, locally sourced ingredients at premises in Helston, so it's no wonder their “individually crafted” pasties are a hit with our followers.

Gear Farm on the outskirts of Camborne sells a lot of tasty food, from bread and pizzas to fish, crab and vegetables. But their organic pasties have clearly caught the imagination of many visitors to the region!

Pengenna Pasties in Tintagel major in home-made pasties to traditional family recipes. Variants like vegetable pasties are available, and like some others, they will mail their pasties. These will have been freshly baked and then blast chilled to maintain freshness.

Multi-award winning Choughs make pasties and other delicious baked goods, available for home delivery or direct from their attractive shop on the harbour front in Padstow.

Ann's Pasty Shop in Lizard Village, near the 15th-century Witchball pub, is reputed to sell excellent pasties with an unusual flaky pastry. Their main shop is in Helston.

Trevaskis Farm in Connor Downs is the second farm shop to get onto our list. Offering a broad food experience and farm days out for all the family, they also sell excellent pasties according to our sources!

You'll have noticed that many of these concerns sell pasties that do not adhere to the strict definition of a Cornish pasty – but we recognise, reluctantly, that some people prefer cheese and onion, or vegetable only pasties, or indeed pork, chicken or other fillings. These will still retain the character of a true Cornish pasty because they are made by Cornish folk in Kernow. For our other informative and not at all tongue-in-cheek page about pasties, click here...

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